Rehoming struggle

A Wisbech mum of two is desperate to move from her first floor flat but struggling to get rehomed.

Natasha Hawes said getting her two young children up and down the stairs in their buggy is “killing” her and she has already broken three pushchairs.

Two-year-old Ellie Rose has figured out how to unlock the front door and has twice got her head stuck in the stair railings. Natasha is fearful that one-year-old Simon will follow. There is also mould growing in the flat because she cannot get the children and the washing down to the garden to hang it out.

Roddons Managing Director Jenny Hodson said: “We are doing all we can to help Ms Hawes find the best home for her family and are keeping in direct contact with her during this time. We have also given advice and adaptations to reduce any damp in her flat.

“We encourage all our customers to remain as proactive as possible with their search for a new home as it can take several bids before they are successful.”