Rescued Spike set for release

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THE story of Spike the baby hedgehog is set to have a happy ending next month when he is released back into the wild.

Spike was not expected to live, when the Citizen highlighted his story back in October, when he was found at just two weeks old with six elastic bands wrapped around his neck.

But thanks to careful nursing by Alison Newman and her partner Terry Stevens at Fenland Hedgehog Rescue in Gorefield the captivating little fellow has made a full recovery.

He was taken in by Alison after being contacted by Vetsavers of Wisbech after a member of the public found him and took him to the surgery for emergency care.

Alison said: “We really didn’t expect him to survive. It was touch and go for quite a while, but then he started to rally and get better.

“He was eventually well enough to hibernate and he woke up two weeks ago and he is again doing well.

“We are now planning to release him back into the wild in a couple of weeks time.”

Spike weighed in at just 100 grammes when he was rescued and was in such a poor state with the bands embedded in his neck and was very traumatised after his horrific start in life.

Now he is full of the joys of spring and can look forward to a life in the wild in the acres around Long Sutton Butterfly Park.

“They often let me release rescued hedgehogs in the park because there is plenty of land for them to wander around in relative safety and it is good because there are people there to keep an eye on them,” said Alison.