Residents’ joy as plan is rejected by councillors

RESIDENTS unhappy about a neighbour’s plan to get access to the rear of their property made a stand at the planning committee meeting and were victorious after being supported by members.

An application was submitted to Fenland Council by a resident of Mount Drive, Wisbech, who wanted to add gates at the bottom of their garden to create access for parking.

However, residents in Wedgwood Drive, where the gates would be situated, wrote to Fenland to object and gathered a petition with 10 signatures.

Michelle Rham spoke to councillors at Wednesday’s planning meeting to express the feelings of residents in the quiet cul-de-sac.

She said: “Parking is a major issue for us and it would be significantly worse if this application is granted.”

Mrs Rham also questioned the need for the Mount Drive resident to gain access to his garden when the property already has on-street parking in addition to space for three vehicles at the front of the house.

Cllr Simon King spoke to the committee as well, on behalf of the residents of Wedgwood Drive.

He said he was “very concerned” about the plan and felt it was not in keeping with the area as none of the other properties have rear access.

Councillors agreed and Jan French said: “It will change the area. I have a problem with the gates and I don’t want to support it.”

Officers warned that councillors might find it difficult to defend a rejection of the plan, but councillors voted to refuse the plan on the basis it would be detrimental to the area.