REVIEW: Be amazed by the Shaolin Warriors

The Shaolin Warriors: Return of the Master is a breathtaking display of talent, writes Citizen reporter Emma Mason.

I went to see the show at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, taking my six-year-old son along. As a typical boy, he is mad about fighting and I thought this would be right up his street; I wasn’t wrong.

He was captivated from start to finish, as was I. The Buddhist monks showed off their spectacular talents in a gripping show that had us holding our breath at times.

In between the gazelle-like leaps and effortless acrobatics, there were death-defying stunts that left our hearts pounding. At one point, you could have heard a pin drop in the theatre.

My son was truly amazed by their feats and it was all he talked about afterwards. However, the bit he enjoyed the most was getting the chance to go up on stage and have a Kung Fu lesson from a true Master.

All the children did really well, although we did have a laugh at their expense after the instructor told them to copy him then launched into a lightning-quick sequence. Watching their jaws drop gave the adults in the audience a giggle.

This is a true family show and if you get the chance to see these Masters in action, take it.

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