REVIEW: Chris and Pui rock the stage with new children’s show

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CBEEBIES favourites Chris and Pui were at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Saturday with their new Roadshow. Citizen reporter Emma Mason and her three-year-old son Thomas went along to see it.

Thomas has enjoyed watching ‘Show Me Show Me’ since he was small and so he was very excited about going along to the show.

Having been to previous character shows, such as Postman Pat and Noddy, he was a little concerned that Chris and Pui would be puppets, so I had to keep reassuring him that yes, they would be “real, like us”.

He was still thrilled when they came out on stage and he could see they were the real thing.

The show itself was very good. It was fast-paced enough to keep Thomas interested, with plenty of songs everyone could sing along to.

Unlike some other preschool shows, there were some bits for the grown-ups as well. Little in-jokes about television adverts and a lovely rendition of ‘Any Dream Will Do’ to Twinkle, with some slight word changes, provoked plenty of smiles, as did an umbrella malfunction during ‘Singing in the Rain’.

The show was varied and not like sitting through a live episode of the television programme. Some of the toys even made an appearance.

I would definitely recommend it to other parents and if anyone was at Saturday’s show, Thomas was the child who burst into tears at the end because it had finished. I think that puts his seal of approval on it too.