Review will make reports mandatory

A REVIEW is to be carried out into the number of representatives Fenland Council has on outside organisations.

Independent councillor Virginia Bucknor raised the issue at Thursday’s full council meeting when she questioned the relevance of sending representatives to nearly 80 outside bodies.

She said: “As far as I’m aware, we don’t receive official reports back - or any kind of feedback from our representatives to these organisations. Is there an archive of any reports that have been brought back to the council in the last 15 months?”

She also wanted to know how many people representing Fenland Council on outside bodies were not elected, how they could represent the council when they did provide reports or feedback. She also wanted to know how much it was costing Fenland Council Taxpayers in travel and other expenses for representatives to attend meetings of these outside bodies since May 2011.

She added: “If no reports are provided, we don’t even know if our representatives is even attending the meeting do we?”

Mrs Bucknor wanted to know if it was possible to reduce the number of organisations where Fenland appoints representatives to attend.

“Do we actually need nearly 80 outside body representations because if we can reduce them, then surely there are savings that can be made.”

Council Leader Alan Melton agreed there was an issue and has ordered a full review of the outside bodies where the council has a representative.

“There’s going to be a complete review of the representation Fenland has on outside bodies. Some of them are irrelevant and there may well be a lot of duplication.

“Very few give reports or feedback and that’s something that is going to change. All these people who serve on these outside bodies will be expected to furnish us with a report of what’s gone on once this review has been carried out.”