Rotary appeal for clock

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WISBECH Rotary Club are looking into the possibility of a replacement clock to Dann’s Clock which was removed from the front of a former Wisbech shop.

Citizen readers and local organisations were outraged when the landmark feature disappeared earlier this year as the former W R Smith’s shop and then Grounds and Co estate agents premises was sold on.

The premises were bought by William H Brown for their new lettings office and, at the time of the sale, David Staveley of William H Brown, tried to approach the owner over the issue of the clock.

But the clock was removed and attempts to have it brought back seem to have drawn a blank.

Wisbech Rotary Club are now looking at either waiting to see if the clock does return and the costs involved of having it repaired or some kind of replacement.

Last year was the club’s 75th anniversary and vice-president Jon Martin, explained the idea was to do something for the community to mark this milestone occasion.

But there is a problem over costs for such a project and the club is keen to hear from any individuals, businesses or organisations willing to make a contribution.

Said Mr Martin: “Every penny we raise goes to charity and only to charity. We have to find money from somewhere else for this. We have had some verbal promises of money but it depends what we end up with.”

He said there is a clock on a building at Ely paid for by the city Rotary club and Wisbech might be able to have something similar.

“If anyone would like to contribute we would be very grateful,” said Mr Martin who can be contacted on 01945-450154.