Routine check saves eyesight

Optician Vik Measuria who spotted an eye tumour in Philip's eye
Optician Vik Measuria who spotted an eye tumour in Philip's eye

A March optician recently helped save a patient’s vision by spotting a suspicious looking shadow behind his eye during a routine eye examination.

After investigating his findings in further detail, Harrison Eye Clinic owner Vikesh Measuria discovered that his patient Philip could have a tumour behind his eye.

Philip, who is in his sixties but didn’t want to give his full name, was admitted to an eye health specialist at St Barts Hospital in Londong by Vikesh himself, where he received treatment for a choroidal tumour.

With National Eye Health Week fast approaching, Vikesh is now strongly encouraging the local community to visit him and have their eyes tested regularly.

Vikesh recalls: “I was conducting a routine eye examination when I noticed something unusual behind one of Philip’s eyes.

“After further investigation I referred him to Huntingdon Hospital where an ophthalmologist informed him that he could potentially have a tumour behind the eye.

“Philip was then sent to see an optical specialist at St Barts who concluded that he had a 4mm choroidal tumour within 1mm of his optic nerve; putting his sight at great risk.”

Before surgery, Philip had to have a PET CT (positron emission tomography) scan to ensure that the cancer had not spread to his liver, as the optic nerve shares blood with that specific organ.

Luckily the cancer had not spread, and Philip underwent surgery on at the end of August. A radioactive plaque was inserted behind his eye, before being removed two days later.

Philip said: “It was a bit of a shock visiting the optician on an average Wednesday and being informed I had cancer just a couple of days later.

“If it weren’t for Vik and his speedy referral, I could be in a very different situation today; possibly without my vision and with potential liver cancer. I strongly urge everyone in the surrounding area to visit Vikesh and his fantastic team once a year, even if they’re not having any problems with their vision.

“If I hadn’t put the time aside to have my eyes examined, I’d have continued to live normally with no vision problems until it was too late.”

Philip is now awaiting results from his radiotherapy treatment, and looking forward to getting back to his gardening.

Harrison Eye Clinic in Elwyn Road has been under Vikesh’s management since 2009.