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Fenland trick or treater's rude gesture after sweets had run out

“One bad apple spoils the barrel” – that’s the best phrase I can use to describe my own experience during this Halloween.

My wife and I had a wonderful time handing out sweets to the various local children that came to our doorstep on the 31st.

Halloween proved difficult for a Fenland couple.
Halloween proved difficult for a Fenland couple.

However, the entire experience was soured by a single incident late into the festivities.

A boy, without costume, came to my door long after we had turned off our exterior lights (a universal sign for “no more trick or treaters, please”) and demanded we hand over some sweets.

When I apologised and explained we had run out he gave a frustrated grunt of disapproval and issued a rude hand gesture.

As easy as it would be for me to blame the child, I cannot, because clearly this was learned behaviour from the two loud-mouth, loutish oafs who were driving him around to exploit the generosity of people like myself.

Parents, take note! I am not obliged to furnish your poorly-behaved gremlin with treats.

If you cannot instil in your child the most basic concepts of politeness you shouldn’t be taking them out at all.

Otherwise, their actions will only serve to ruin things for everyone else.

L. Foulke,

via email.

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