S-mashing recipe for Potato Week

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Potato Week Logo

A local potato farmer is calling on people to get involved in celebrations for Potato Week, which runs until Sunday.

Run by Potato Council, this year the week focuses on Maris Piper, the great all-rounder that is the most commonly grown potato in the UK and a much-loved variety.

Sausage Potato Pie

Sausage Potato Pie

Mike Newling is a working director alongside his father on the family farm at Four Gotes. The family have been farming in the area for 100 years and Mike’s late grandfather, John was one of the first growers of Maris Piper.

Mike has picked his favourite recipe from a series of specially created for Potato Week by food expert, author and mum of two, Jo Pratt, to share with local readers.

Mike said: “Maris Pipers are a classic variety of potato, a consistent all-rounder, making great wedges, chips and especially roasties with that classic crunchy outside and a fluffy middle that we all know and love.

“I’ve chosen Jo’s Sausage, Cheese and Potato pie which is a great comfort food now the autumn evenings are beginning to draw in. I loved cooking – and eating – this dish and I am sure the readers will too.”

As part of the campaign Potato Council is calling on readers around the country to share their Maris Piper cooking tips and recipes using the classic variety, they are especially keen to hear from any readers called Piper, particularly those with a passion for Maris Piper!

For a chance to win a potato cookery book follow @thepotatogirls and post your suggestions using #Marispiper or email marketing@potato.ahdb.org.uk with your suggestions.

To get ideas flowing Jo Pratt also has a simple – and exclusive – tip for local readers.

“Leftover mash is a brilliant base for making quick meals such as fishcakes - add tinned salmon or tuna, peas or sweetcorn, chopped spring onion - and a maybe a dollop of tomato sauce then bake or fry.”

For more Maris Piper recipes from Jo Pratt visit www.lovepotatoes.co.uk