Save with Jamie Oliver

b13-735 Jamie Oliver filming at Shuttleworth
b13-735 Jamie Oliver filming at Shuttleworth
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Penguin Random House and Jamie Oliver, in partnership with the national charity The Reading Agency, will today (Thursday) donate a copy of his new cookbook Save with Jamie free to every library in the UK.

Cambridgeshire County Council will dispatch a copy of the book to 32 libraries across the county.

It is Jamie’s mission that the book, which is a response to the overwhelming public demand for a cookbook about exciting food that doesn’t ‘break the bank’, should be made accessible to everyone, not just to the people who can afford to buy it.

Cambridgeshire library users will now have the chance to learn recession busting cooking skills for free, thanks to Jamie, his publisher, and the unique brokering role that The Reading Agency plays in connecting public libraries to publishers.

The Save with Jamie gift is a powerful example of the rich reading experiences made available to libraries in Cambridgeshire and 4000+ libraries around the country through The Reading Agency’s publisher partnerships programme, supported by the Society of Chief Librarians and 43 publishers.

Jamie Oliver said: “We know from the fabulous work that libraries do every day that everyone deserves a chance to learn basic skills that can improve everyday lives. Reading and cooking are two of those skills for sure. I’ll admit I’ve been a late developer with the first, but I can definitely help with the second.”

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Leader, Councillor Martin Curtis said: “We’re extremely grateful to Jamie Oliver and his publisher for this generous gift to our libraries. Jamie’s mission to make good food accessible to all drives right at the heart of the role that libraries play to make good reading accessible to all – and there are many people in our community who will benefit from Save with Jamie. ”