Scaling mountains for greyhounds

Garry Hogan is doing the Three Peaks in aid of Retired Greyhound Trust.
Garry Hogan is doing the Three Peaks in aid of Retired Greyhound Trust.

An Emneth man will be taking on the Three Peaks Challenge next year to raise money for the Retired Greyhound Trust.

Garry Hogan got a greyhound from the charity almost three years ago and is planning to do the fundraiser to help other dogs.

He was spurred on by almost losing five-year-old Brogan (pictured with Garry) after the dog needed lifesaving surgery to remove a piece of vinyl from his stomach.

“Brogan is a real part of the family,” Garry said. “It’s like having a baby in the house. What he wants, he gets.”

So when Brogan started limping, Garry’s wife Angie took him to the vets. They were surprised when the vet detected something in his stomach and did some x-rays.

“They found something like a piece of vinyl or tile, about three inches long by an inch-and-a-half wide. The vet didn’t know how he swallowed it. But it could have been in there for years. Ever since we’ve had Brogan, he would be sick every three to four weeks, for no reason. Since the operation, he hasn’t been sick once.”

Garry kept the vinyl as a souvenir and has even had it made into a keyring.

But the incident brought home to him the good work of the Retired Greyhound Trust and how they wouldn’t even have Brogan if it weren’t for the charity.

Garry completed the Three Peaks two years, raising more than £3,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer after watching his wife fight the disease. He plans to split the money this time with Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Retired Greyhound Trust.