Scheme gives peace of ‘MIND’ to charity

A MARCH paint recycling scheme has given peace of ‘MIND’ to a local charity by helping it out with a donation.

West Norfolk Mind (WNM) was in desperate need when they had to move from its Head of Office and residential building in King’s Lynn.

Eddie West-Burnham, CEO of WNM said: “We needed to redecorate the old premises in order to leave them in good condition. This is a huge undertaking which we simply could not afford through professional services.”

So WNM contacted March-based not-for-profit organisation Cambridgeshire Community Reuse & Recycling Network (CCORRN) who run the county-wide Community Repaint scheme.

This is where CCORRN collects unwanted and surplus paint from six recycling centres and DIY stores, then redistributes it to community groups, charities and people on low income or benefits.

CCORRN’s Community Repaint scheme has now provided WNM with more than 200 litres of good paint. This, together with volunteer painters, has achieved the seemingly impossible.

Will Rogowski, spokesman for CCORRN, said: “When we heard about WNM’s plight we were only too happy to help. This is what the Community RePaint scheme is all about.

“We’re here to help those in need and enrich the quality of life for them and their communities.”

He added: “This is a great example of what two not-for-profit organisations working partnership can achieve – apart we might be strong but together we can become unbeatable.”

Eddie said: “This is something which not only affects our staff but also the people we’re trying to help. It’s all about the bottom line and affordability. We really do appreciate CCORRN’s generous support with the paint – a positive outcome to an otherwise depressing problem.”

Over the past month, CCORRN has helped numerous organisations such as Street Pride in March, Young People March and Momentum, a children’s arts charity in Cambridge. Others who have benefited include local authority intervention officers, adult learning difficulties service managers and neighbourhood champions.

If you need paint for a charity or community project or simply need to brighten up your home please contact CCORRN on 01354-607667 or email