Scouts urgent SOS for leaders

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A village scout group is facing closure this Easter unless new volunteers can be found to help run activities.

The 1st Benwick Scout Group has lost four leaders in the past few weeks to work and personal commitments, leaving just two to continue with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts’ weekly meetings.

Scout Group Leader Rod Glen fears the group will have to fold unless new people come forward and he is hoping to attract at least five volunteers to help ease the pressure and enable cover for work, illness and holiday cover.

“I fear that unless we get people coming forward the group will have to close at Easter, which is a shame as the three groups are well supported and provide fun activities for the youngsters of the village. It could also be a problem for the Village Hall as it will lose a vital source of income. I think we provide around 25 per cent of its income, so if the group is forced to close it could have consequences for the viability of the Village Hall,” said Rod.

Volunteers do not need any previous experience and will be given free training, but they will have to undergo a thorough CRB check before being allowed to work with the children.

“I would like a minimum of five volunteers so we can offer a pool to cover the likes of illness, but it could also lighten the load, with people not having to cover every week.

The Beavers meet for an hour on Tuesdays followed by the Scouts for two hours. The Cubs meet for around two hours on Wednesdays.

Anyone interested should contact Rod on 07857002612 or email: