Scrapstore Oasis event

THE next Fenland Scrapstore event is at the Oasis Centre, Wisbech, on May 4 from 2pm until 4pm.

It will be full of business and household scrap. The Scrapstore has tons of materials for DIY and arty-crafty projects, as well as general household items.

They will be selling big bags of materials for £6 each such as fabric off-cuts, clothes, buttons and more.

The Scrapstore is always on the lookout for more materials from businesses or homes having a spring clean.


Free membership is still available - visit the website and fill in the online form.

The Scrapstore has been set up by the team at Atelier East and aims to promote reuse and recycling by accepting reusable business and domestic scrap that can then be re-sold in order to reduce waste that would typically end up in landfill sites.