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PETA poster
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Adding an animal companion to the family is an important decision and a long-term commitment. The number of animals bought as gifts peaks over the Christmas shopping period - but it is also the time when more animals find themselves dumped at the local animal shelter.

Animals require attention and care and can’t simply be returned or “re-gifted” if they don’t suit one’s fancy. The sad reality is that animals are often forced to spend every day alone, and many are left in crates or cages. Others are dropped off at shelters that are already bursting at the seams or abandoned on the streets to starve, get hit by cars or be abused by cruel people.

The Dogs Trust’s Stray Dog Survey 2013 revealed that a shocking 112,000 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by local councils across the UK over the previous 12 months – meaning that, on average, a staggering 307 stray dogs were found every day.

Animals need love, stability and care. Giving animals away as gifts can lead to serious problems.