Searching for the pride of Fenland for 2011

THE first nominations have come in for the 2011 Pride in Fenland Awards.

Husband and wife Sam Leather and Alison Hooper-Tuomala, of Norwalde Street, March, have been nominated by neighbour Ken Saunders for the Good Neighbour category.

Ken said the couple have been marvellous neighbours. They have kept an eye on him and stayed with him after a serious operation, getting him back to health. They also introduced him to caring for wildlife.

Sadly, Sam died on December 22, at the age of just 37. Alison was very touched to be nominated and said Ken has been very good to them as well.

Barbara Oliver, of West Parade, Wisbech (pictured below), has been nominated in the Individual working for a Group/Club/Organisation category, by Susanah Farmer, of South Brink, Wisbech.

Barbara is involved in several organisations, including the Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets, Chamber of Commerce, Wisbech Institute, RAFA, Peckover School and the Rose Fair.

Susanah said: “Barbara is always willing to help, a prime example of ‘Of you want something done, ask a busy woman.’ She does everything cheerfully and is a good friend.”

Roy Dordery, of Old Forge Gardens, Chatteris, has been nominated in the Individual working for a Group/Club/Organisation category. He was nominated by Freda Aspinall, of Horsegate Gardens, Chatteris.

Freda nominated Roy for his work with the King Edward Centre in Chatteris and said: “Without Ray’s determination and hours of meetings, we wouldn’t have secured the centre for the people of Chatteris. Because of him, we have a lovely meeting place.”

Another nomination in the Individual working for a Group/Club/Organisation category is Charles Jenkins, of Horsegate Lane, Whittlesey, who was nominated by Jo Philpott, of Cavalry Park, March.

Charlie is chairman of FACT (Fenland Association for Community Transport) and Jo said he has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure almost 5,000 people in the area have access to transport.

In her nomination, Jo said: “Even when he is feeling very unwell, he is there to help and support FACT and the disadvantaged residents of the Fens. Charlie volunteers his free time to attend meetings about FACT and tirelessly promotes us in the community.

“Without him at the helm of our ship, FACT would not be as successful as it is today.”

The Citizen has launched the fifth Pride in Fenland Awards in conjunction with Fenland Council to find people who make all the difference to others.

We want your nominations for individuals and groups who are the unsung heroes and heroines in our community.

Good neighbours, groups, clubs or organisations helping the community and individuals working for a group, club or organisation will be honoured at a special ceremony in March.

We are looking for winners in three categories:

• Good Neighbour

• Group/club/organisation benefiting the community.

• An individual working for a group/club/organisation.

The awards are a chance for you to say ‘thank you’ to people who matter.

A panel of judges will consider the nominations and awards carry a prize of £100 for each category winner and commemorative certificate.

To help with your nomination you may want to consider the following.

Good Neighbour award: This is open to anyone who gives up their time to help someone - possibly a friend, neighbour or elderly person - perhaps on voluntary basis. They might help with shopping, do jobs around the home or garden, take someone out who would otherwise be housebound, or just visit regularly for a chat.

Group/club/organisation: Open to any group of people who give up their time to benefit the community voluntarily. They may work with young people the elderly, or carry out environmental work for example. The group can comprise any number of people but it must be able to prove it has improved a section of the community or group of residents in some way other than simply operating as a club. There are many excellent clubs and groups around Fenland but we want to honour that special group which stands out from the crowd.

Individual working for a group/club/organisation: Open to someone working for or with a group in any capacity voluntary who devotes time and effort to that group beyond the call of duty. They may coach young people in sport, run a youth club or organise social events for citizens-but do more then their job entails. The person we are looking for will stand out head and shoulders above the others.

Using the form provided, tell us in no more than 100 words, why you have made your nomination. Include your name, address and telephone number and the same details for the person you are nominating.

They will be featured in the Citizen in the build-up to the presentation.

Start voting now - please don’t wait to the last minute to make your nomination.

Nominations close at 5pm on Friday February 4. Send them as soon as possible to the Fenland Citizen at either 11 Union Street, Wisbech, or Market Place, March.

This year you can also make your nominations online by going on to our website: and following the link at the top of the homepage.