Self build revolution for the Fens?

FENLAND could be part of the self build revolution.

The UK is not building enough homes. It’s now hoped that a ‘self build revolution’ can go some way to repair the gap between demand and current housing stock levels.

In 2010/11 government figures showed that less than half the number of houses needed to keep up with demand were built.

Fenland is seen as an area that could see a rise in self build properties, as there are numerous small to medium-sized plots of land available for development but many remain unsold. The area’s potential has been identified by EMC Land; a company that specialise in small scale self build projects.

Britain has one of the lowest proportions of custom built new homes in Europe. In Austria 80% of new homes are self build and in Germany and France it’s around 60%. That compares to less than 20% in the UK and the Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, has already made it clear that he wants the self build industry to become a mainstream housing option.

Self build mortgages have been an obstacle, but this is set to be improved by a £30 million pound self build fund to be launched by the government in the coming months. While interest in self build has grown in recent years due to TV shows such as Grand Designs.

EMC Land is bringing the self build revolution to Fenland and will be offering homebuyers the opportunity to design their dream home. EMC’s solution is an all-in-one approach where land, planning, design and the build is included in the overall cost. EMC is already working in partnership with Harrison Murray Estate Agents in Fenland to market the custom build properties.

Russ Compton, Managing Director of EMC Land, said that their approach removes the obstacles of building your own house: “Lots of people would like to build their own home – but they’re not sure where to start and who to contact. EMC provides it in a complete package taking you from buying the land to moving in to your dream home. Self build or custom build is now being taken seriously in the UK and will continue to grow as more communities get a say on developments in their community. Self build properties are imaginative, bespoke and are certainly not the off-the-shelf homes the UK has got so used to.”

EMC Land would like to talk to people either selling land or those interested in designing their dream custom built home and should contact