Show was galloping success

The last Fun Horse and Pony Show of the year has raised £600 for Upwell Playing Field.

There was a very good turnout, with horses of all sizes from miniature Shetlands to giant Shires.

The sponsors were: Bloom and Wake Electrical, Outwell; Russells Fine Meats, Upwell; Dave Sanderson Farrier, Outwell; GA Seaton, Planning & Design Consultant, Upwell; Masters & Co Ltd, Upwell; Hircocks Coaches, Upwell; AD Hurst & Son Ltd, Upwell.

Winners Ring One Ridden classes. Judge Jean Cartwright, steward Leanne Nicholls.

Tack & Turnout – Pip Read,

Lead rein first ridden 9 years and under – Kiera Downey.

Junior Rider 12 years and under – Laney Beth

Senior Rider 13 years - 17 years – Grace Cooper

Rider 18 years and over – Laura Tilney

Veteran Horse/Pony 15 years + – Laura Tilney

Champion Ridden – Laura Tilney, Reserve Champion – Pip Read

Winners Ring One In-hand classes. Judge Jean Cartwright, steward Leanne Nicholls.

Young Stock Horse/Pony 4 years and under – Charlie Jackson

Veteran Horse/Pony 15 years + – Jess Ogden

Coloured (piebald, skewbald, tri-colour, appaloosa) – Charley Beckwith

Native breed 14.1 and over (Dales, Connemara, Highland, Welsh D) – Sophie Miller

Native breed 14.1 and under (Shetland, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Welsh, A, B, C, New Forest and Fell) – Harry Jackson

Heavy Horse any age, pure and part bred (Shire, Clydesdale, Percheron, Suffolk) – Pip Read

Junior Handler 12 years and under – Luke Venny

Senior Handler 13 - 17 years – Jess Ogden

Handler 18 years and over – Pip Read

Champion In-hand – Harry Jackson, Reserve Champion – Jess Ogden

Supreme Champion – Harry Jackson, Reserve Supreme – Pip Read

Ring Two Fun Classes. Judge Harriet Bye, steward Liz Thorpe.

Best 6 legs – Charley Beckwith

Prettiest Eyes – A Groves

Longest Tail – A Groves

Thelwell Type – George Brazier

Handsome Gelding – Sophie Miller

Prettiest Mare – Billi Moore

Best four feathered hooves – Laney Beth

Fancy Dress – George Brazier

Horse/Pony judge would like to take home – Molly Abbess

Champion – A Groves, Reserve Champion – Billi Moore