Sign could be turning point to cut accidents

WARNING signs advising drivers to take care along a main access route out of March are set to be installed thanks to the town council.

Councillor Kit Owen raised the issue of the A141 at Westry at Monday night’s Town Council meeting, where he highlighted the problem of drivers failing to see vehicles signalling to turn right along that stretch of road.

Mr Owen said there is barely a week goes by without some sort of accident occurring along the length of the A141 up past the Tesco turning heading towards Wisbech.

He said: “We have got to look at the number of accidents and collisions along that particular road in recent months - not years - we are talking months. There’s been a whole lot of accidents.

“There seems to be an inability of some drivers to see other vehicles waiting to turn right not just into Tesco but into the homes, the church and even Fenmarc along there. They just don’t seem to see there’s a vehicle stopped.”

Mr Owen hopes the warning signs advising drivers to take care because may have similar success to a sign installed along the by-pass near the Gaul Road junction.

That sign asks drivers if their indicator is off and Mr Owen believes it has resulted in a major cut in the number of incidents at the Gaul Road junction.

“That sign, which was put up at my instigation, seems to have done the trick. There was a problem with drivers waiting to pull out of Gaul Road seeing an indicator flashing assuming the vehicle was turning and pulling out only to collide with the on-coming car because the driver had inadvertently left the indicator on,” said Mr Owen.

He hopes a warning sign at Westry will have a similar affect and cut the number of incidents, but because there is no specific sign in the highway code warning of vehicles turning it will have to specially made.

“It will be yellow with black writing on it. The town council may have to pay for it or contribute towards the cost in some way but we are also looking at alternative sources of funding,” added Mr Owen.