Smell will not last for long

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RESIDENTS being plagued by an unpleasant smell in the Walsoken and West Walton areas have been assured by West Norfolk Borough Council that it will not last long.

Waste disposal company Strattons has been ‘deslubbing’ the pits where the waste is stored, an annual procedure that sees the solid waste taken out and ploughed into the land.

Due to unseasonably warm weather and a change in wind direction, the foul smell from the pits has been drifting over residential areas, plaguing the people who live there.

Some have contacted the Citizen to complain about the smell, with one Walsoken man threatening to withhold some of his council tax because he feels he is being failed by the borough council.

However, a spokesperson for West Norfolk Borough Council said Strattons are following the rules.

Speaking on Monday, the spokesperson said: “They have an agreement with the Environment Agency that the deslubbing is not carried out in spring, summer or autumn. Their deadline is April 1 to be finished and expect to be completed in the next couple of days.

“It is unfortunate that the wind changed and the weather has been warmer than usual, but there is nothing more the council can do.”

This will be of little comfort to residents, but they have been assured that the smell will be gone by the Easter break.