Snaking to fundraising success

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LOCAL fundraiser Kate Blake is launching a new children’s book she has written based on characters invented when telling bedtime stories to her own family.

Sydney Snake to the Rescue is a series of short stories about a caring snake who helps animals in difficulties in the jungle.

Kate, from Upwell, is launching the book at Monday’s Christmas Market in Wisbech and is hoping to raise cash for the Forces Children’s Trust - a little known charity that helps youngsters who have lost parents fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The book has been cleverly illustrated by Fenland artist Nick Gernert from Spalding.

Kate explained she has been telling the stories of Sydney Snake’s escapades since her own daughter was a little girl. Now as a grandmother she is still relating Sydney’s adventures.

She was encouraged by family members to write her stories down and Kate then decided to donate some of the proceeds of sales to the Forces Children’s Trust.

The trust focuses on family care and the subsequent needs of those children left behind when a parent is killed while in the services.

The book is ideal for parents to read to younger children, but also for children up to the age of eight to read for themselves.

It is priced £9.99 and Kate will be manning a stall at the day long market to sell as many of the first thousand copies she has had printed as possible.