Special mums get spoiled

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FOUR Fenland mums have been spoilt with an early Mother’s Day present, courtesy of Westgate and Anglia Co-operative.

Mums Grace Brown and Tina Harley were chosen as the winners of the Citizen competition and received £100 worth of Westgate vouchers each.

Jade Harley (20), of March, put forward mum Tina, who has raised her four daughters as a single parent for the past 18 years. Jade said in her nomination: “We have all gone far in life already because of her and we think it’s high time she started enjoying her own life a little bit more.”

Tina did not know that she had been nominated and was reduced to tears when she found out she had won.

Tina is also mum to Stacy (25), Terri (23) who is currently in South America and Lindsey (18) who is studying at Sheffield University.

Sally Johnson, of Upwell, nominated her 67-year-old mum Grace.

Sally lost her husband David to cancer in January and for the seven weeks he was in hospital, Grace travelled an hour to be with her, almost every day.

Sally said: “I was and am so grateful for her support, compassion, strength and motherly love during such an awful time of anguish and grief. I don’t know how I could have got through it without her.”

There were many worthy entries and the judges had a hard time picking just two. However two more nominations stood out and Anglia Co-operative kindly provided a bottle of champagne and a box of luxury chocolates for the runners-up.

Joanne Grainger, of March, was secretly put forward by her daughters Chelsea (12) and Sophie Cable (11).

Joanne’s husband, Stephen, fell from a ladder while working and broke his back. He is slowly on the mend, but unable to work, so Joanne is supporting the whole family. Her girls wanted her to have a treat as she is so busy looking after everyone else.

Trudy Ridgewell, of Wisbech, was nominated by her daughter Nadine. Nadine explained that when she was 19, she had a brain tumour and her mum nursed her through it, supporting her and keeping her positive, even through horrendous radiotherapy and the side effects that came with it.