Specialists at Fenland CAB

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FENLAND Citizens Advice Bureau held a special ‘Tea and Cakes’ event on Friday in a bid to promote the centre’s specialist services.

Unknown to many people, the CAB works with a number of partners to provide specialist services, from helping people with benefits to debt advice.

Partners include the Royal British Legion for people connected with the armed forces, Macmillan for those with cancer and Roddons.

The CAB is keen to let not only the public know about these services, but also the organisations themselves who can refer people.

Specialist money adviser Helen Wicker said it was important for the services to be used, otherwise they run the risk of losing funding to keep them going.

Chief officer Beverley Howard was also at the event to meet with guests. She said debt is a big issue around Fenland and they are particularly struggling with payday loans.

She is working to get the companies who issue the loans regulated, so there can be tighter controls on who the money is lent to.

“Things get difficult when people have several payday loans,” Beverley said. “Then you have people on benefits who can’t afford to pay the money back. They shouldn’t even be lent the money in the first place because they don’t have a payday.”