Speed-dating to a new house

Roddons housing association, part of the Circle group.
Roddons housing association, part of the Circle group.

A new craze that helps social housing tenants speed-date their way to a new home will hit Cambridge’s Central Library on Tuesday.

The speed-dating session for house hunters is taking place in the city as part of a nationwide tour from home-swapping website House Exchange (houseexchange.org.uk). More than 8,000 homes in and around Cambridge are already registered on the site which is run by Circle Housing Group to help council and housing association tenants swap their properties in a bid to move more easily.

People in Cambridge who attend House Exchange’s speed-dating event will follow the same rules as its more romantic counterpart by wearing a badge that shows the kind of property they are looking for with details of their current home.

House Exchange Manager, Kim Doran said: “Mutual exchanges can be the perfect solution if you are desperate to find a bigger or smaller home or need to move to be closer to work or family.

“We want to show social housing tenants in Cambridge how simple it can really be and hope to help engineer successful swaps during the day.”

House Exchange allows for home swaps between any willing council and housing association tenant with the right to mutually exchange by automatically matching house-seekers with homes that meet their needs. There are more than 220,000 properties on the system and people can find pictures and detailed information at the click of a button. Eight out of ten people who use House Exchange find a match less than six months.

The event at Cambridge Central Library takes place on Tuesday (10th September) from 10am to 3pm.

For more information or to find about more about House Exchange, visit www.houseexchange.org.uk