Speeding and street drinking are residents’ top concerns

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STREET drinking and speeding have been highlighted as priorities for police in Wisbech and March.

The issues were identified by reisdents as their major concerns at neighbourhood forums in Wisbech on June 25 and in March on July 2.

Members of the public were invited to complete a short questionnaire, the results of which will be used to identify community concerns and influence the response of police and partner agencies.

The priorities for Wisbech were street drinking, speeding and fly-tipping and litter. The most concern was around street drinking, which includes anti-social behaviour, and will be the top priority. Local officers will tackle speeding by carrying out enforcement activity and supporting Speedwatch.

The priorities for March were speeding in March and villages, dog fouling on public footpaths and litter in March town and villages.

Speeding was the top priority and will now be tackled by local officers.

Sergeant Alan Boughen said: “We are pleased that so many people took the opportunity to raise their concerns as it has helped us and partner agencies to direct our resources at the issues that mean the most to local people.

“We will take action over the next few months and then report back on how we have done.”