Splashing tale for owner

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LABDRADOR Retriever Whiskey thought he was doing his owner a favour when he grabbed a mobile phone and took it to his master.

The problem was owner Garry Overland had thrown the phone on to a river bank to stop it from getting wet - only to find Whiskey grabbed it and swam out into the water with it.

The unfortunate chain of events happened when Garry (41) was out walking at a marina near Sandy, Bedfordshire with Whiskey and his young American Bull dog, Max.

Max dragged Garry into the water while still attached to his lead and in a bid to save his phone, Garry threw it on to the river bank.

But, being an obedient retriever, Whiskey promptly grabbed it and swam out into the water with the mobile in his mouth.

Garry’s dad, Paddy Overland, of March, contacted the Citizen to tell us about this amusing doggy tale.

Mr Overland said he has told people about his son’s mishap and they have all had a laugh at Garry’s expense.

Mr Overland wasn’t sure if Garry’s mobile was going to work as he was busy trying to dry it out after taking a soaking.