Sporting option for your team and business

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Need some new kit?

Small businesses that trade locally are often looking for tax deductible costs and if this can be combined with promoting their business it’s a double benefit.

If you have an interest in sport or have children who play sport then maybe sponsorship is an option to consider.

Local sports teams are often looking for new kit and equipment at this time of year, with the start of the new season. Adult and youth football teams play games many weekends and having up to 11 players and those on the side lines wearing clothing with your business logo on is great advertising.

Teams often don’t just have the kits they play in, they have training tracksuits, reserves bench chairs and shelters – all able to shout out different company names.

Spectators and players of the other teams will all see these adverts and remember your business. Playing home and away games adds to the promotion of your business.

Local sports clubs often also have advertising boards and if they hold tournaments they could offer advertising in their programmes.

As an added bonus when you officially hand over the kit or sponsored item you can have a photo and small write-up in the local press, arranged by the club for no additional cost.

Generally sponsorship is fairly reasonably priced advertising and reaches a good selection of local people.

I am always very proud to see my son playing football games wearing items that have been sponsored.

I also think it’s a positive way of showing your business is friendly and approachable and open to new business.

Alternatively, other small corporate gifts may also be a good advertising product.

Small gifts displaying details of the business qualify as tax deductible. Diaries, pens, memory sticks, mouse mats and calendars are all common examples.

The gift itself must display the business details and not just the packaging.

Food, drink, tobacco products and gift vouchers and items costing more than £50 are not generally allowable as a tax deductible cost.

The cost of these items varies on the number of items purchased and many stationery companies and on-line businesses offer these products, sometimes in very small quantities, making them more affordable for all business sizes.

Dare I say it, with Christmas less than 12 weeks away, it could be time to think about gifts for customers that can promote your business too ?!