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Stand on our own two feet

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

eu referendum debate

In reply to Richard Moore’s half-page letter published in the Fenland Citizen’s Readers’ Views (May 11).

I would simply say: “Let’s leave and stand on our own two feet.

“Let us govern ourselves; let’s be able to vote out a government if we are let down by it.”

In the last referendum we voted for a European Economic Union.

This has now morphed into an unelected European super state that is unaccountable to the public.

Let’s regain our sovereignty; let our own courts have the final say in our domestic matters.

Steve Carpenter,


Exit to end cheap labour

Richard Moore (Letters, May 11) says: ‘You only have to drive through the industrial areas of Wisbech to see all the vacancy boards requiring workers’ as part of his argument as to why we should vote to remain in the EU on June 23.

I, too, have seen these vacancy boards. What these boards do not say is that these vacancies are short-term agency jobs with no holiday, sickness, pensions, and redundancy pay.

Local people cannot survive on agency work as they have regular rent or mortgage payments to pay.

So these agency jobs are taken by single migrant workers from Eastern Europe who pay £50 to £60 a week for a room in a multi-occupancy house.

The big food processing factories in Fenland love this inexhaustible supply of cheap labour from Eastern Europe.

These migrant workers are super-exploited and have been consciously used by governments, starting with the last New Labour government, to force down wages to the level of the minimum wage.

Agency workers, because of the precarious nature of their contracts, which can last from a couple of days to a maximum of twelve weeks, are notoriously difficult to recruit to trade unions.

A vote to leave the EU on June 23 would end the supply of cheap labour to the UK from Eastern Europe. Doing so would put all employment agencies out of business.

Trade unions could then fight for permanent jobs with a minimum wage of £10 an hour for all workers, both migrant and local, which would also include holiday, sickness, pensions, and redundancy pay.

This is why I’ll be joining the majority of working class people in Fenland who’ll be voting to leave the EU on June 23.

John Smithee,

Member, Unite the Union,


Reclaim our democracy

Gordon Brown is the latest fossil to be dragged out of the cupboard to tell us how stupid we would all be to leave the European Union.

He even tried to evoke the “Churchillian spirit” to claim that staying in is the “British” thing to do.

It should be remembered though that, after the Second World War, Winston Churchill did indeed think a united Europe would be a good thing, essentially to protect it from itself after the ravages of two wars.

He was also adamant that Great Britain should never be part of such a union, stating in a 1948 speech: “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not comprised. We are interested and associated, but not absorbed.”

There have been a lot of scare stories from the likes of Brown, Cameron and other “Remainians” about the problems this country could face should we leave the EU and stand on our own two feet once again.

I, however, look forward to that day knowing that we will, at last, be able reclaim and rebuild the freedom and democracy signed away by Edward Heath in 1972.

I would like to suggest that, in the future, June 23 should be known as either “Independence Day” or “Capitulation Day” – depending on the outcome of the referendum.

David Hammond,


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