Staying safe is child’s play

Safety zone
Safety zone

Nearly 400 children from primary schools in and around Wisbech got a series of valuable lessons in how to deal with all sorts of dangerous situations.

They were the latest to take part in the Safety Zone, staged over four days in the town’s fire station, with 14 schools getting involved.

Nine separate topics were covered. The children toured the Zone, acting out various scenarios, including practising first aid and escaping a house fire, as well as learning how to stay safe on the internet and the importance of wearing seatbelts.

They also got advice on anti-social behaviour, food safety, shopping and taking care with electrics.

The Safety Zone is a Fenland Community Safety Partnership project, organised by Fenland District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council with extra help provided by the police, Roddons and UK Power Networks.

All the activities are designed to highlight any risks and show how to avoid or minimise them. Each group is marked out of 10 at each of the nine areas.

FDC councillors David Oliver and Peter Murphy joined a small group of adults who did the tour themselves.

Cllr Oliver said: “It was a really good day. There’s a great deal of interaction - that makes it fun and helps bring the messages to life.

“Watching the children, it was clear that at the end of the day they’d be going home having learned a lot about all sorts of things.

“We went round and did it ourselves, so we saw it from their point of view. At the end we were accused of being cheats and got disqualified, which the kids loved, of course.”

Cllr Murphy added: “The Safety Zone is incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why - it was a lot of fun. Also, if you teach the kids, it helps to get the message across to their parents as well.”

The 14 schools taking part over the week were: Elm, Wisbech St Mary, Kinderley, Gorefield, Alderman Payne, Murrow, Ramnoth, Leverington, Meadowgate, Friday Bridge, Peckover, St Peter’s, Elm Road and Orchards.

One group, from St Peter’s, got full marks on their tour – the first time anyone has achieved 100 per cent success.

In total, about 800 children from across the district have visited the Safety Zone this year.

Pictured: Councillors David Oliver and Peter Murphy and FDC community safety manager Aarron Locks join children from Friday Bridge for the session on internet safety