Stolen rings were decorations

THIEVES probably didn’t get what they expected when they stole what looked like golden rings from a display during Wisbech Rose Fair.

The rings - which were in fact wedding cake decorations - were part of a display by members of the Fenland Family History Society in the church hall.

They were taken from a wedding ring cushion on the display of ‘Family Milestones’ which included photographs, items, traditions and folklore of the three main ceremonies baptisms, weddings and funerals.

The wedding display included a false wedding cake and the ring cushion complete with two rings.

A spokeperson for the society said: “Imagine our surprise on finding the rings had been stolen, we wondered if it was a young couple running away to Gretna Green and in need of the rings to complete the ceremony!

“We wish them happiness in their future life together, wherever they may be.

“The golden rings were in fact wedding cake decorations.”