Success for balloon launch plan

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FENLAND District Council is now looking at ways to make it easier for people to put on charity events after a March couple almost had to give up on their plans for a balloon launch.

Jenny and Adam Pugh wanted to organise a balloon launch in West End Park and sell tags on March Market Place to raise money for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Cots for Tots Appeal, in memory of their stillborn daughter Jessica.

However, Jenny said she was told they would need public liability insurance to hold the fundraiser, at a cost of more than £100.

“It wouldn’t be worth us holding a fundraiser. We may as well just give the £100 to charity,” Jenny said.

She had become so frustrated with the red tape that she was ready to give up on the plan and do a smaller launch privately.

However, after the Citizen got involved, Fenland backtracked and said the Pughs could go ahead with their planned fundraiser.

A spokesperson from Fenland said: “Everything has been resolved with the Pughs. We have written to them to let them know they can go ahead both with a free stall on March Market Place on December 3 and with their planned balloon launch in West End Park on December 10.

“Obviously we have a duty to make sure that any events on our land are safe and properly organised. We are looking at various ways of making it easier for individuals or community groups wishing to put on charitable events of this nature.”