Support for clock action

WISBECH Town councillors and the Wisbech Society have pledged to support any action taken to return Dann’s Clock to the Bridge Street frontage.

At Monday evening’s council meeting, councillors voted unanimously in favour of seeing the clock returned to the town and supporting any actions taken to secure this.

But there was a sense of hopelessness about what the council could do, with Cllr Ray Griffin asking: “What can we do that won’t be overruled by Fenland District Council?”

FDC have previously said there is nothing they can do about the removal of the clock from the front of the former Grounds & Co estate agent building.

It was removed the day before the building was sold to William H Brown and it is thought the owner wishes to sell it at auction.

The Wisbech Society is in talks with FDC to clarify this and it is understood that English Heritage may have also been consulted.

Wisbech Society chairman Brian Payne said: “The Wisbech Society is extremely disappointed that this clock has disappeared from the Wisbech street scene and we will support any action that will be taken to return it and bring it back to where it rightfully belongs.”