Survey of Wisbech Park completed

Sgt Robin Cawston
Sgt Robin Cawston
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An update from my last post, is that a survey of Wisbech town park has been completed. The majority of the feedback was positive but we did gain some valuable information about the concerns of those who live nearby.

There has been a small number of reports of anti-social behaviour in the park but the majority of the time it has been a peaceful area to relax in. Our patrols will continue at various times of the day.

A new initiative is also being developed called Paws on Patrol. I will provide a further update on this in my next update. Keep a look-out for further articles in the paper expanding upon this. There will also be some Twitter feeds as this develops.

You may also have seen that a dispersal order has been introduced in the Waterlees area of Wisbech, following a recent increase in anti-social type behaviour. It will run from August 22 through to January 18. This enables uniformed police or PCSOs to ask groups of two or more persons to disperse if they are acting in an anti-social manner. If those requested to leave refuse they are then liable for arrest. The direction to leave the area can be for up to 24 hours.

Also if the person concerned is under 16 years of age they may also be returned to their home between the hours of 9pm and 6am. The idea of this notice is not to target any specific group but to deter people from being anti-social in their manner and to improve the quality of life of residents within the area. I will update you in my next report.

There has been a recent spate of motorcycle thefts and I would encourage owners to be wary how and where your bike is parked to maximise its security. There have been a number of arrests in relation to this and motorcycles recovered, but no-one wants their prized bike stolen.