Survey reveals person who scratched your car may be closer than you think...

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Most of us are livid when our car is scratched but simply pass it off as mindless act carried out by a jealous passer by or a careless shopper. But a recent survey has revealed that you may well know the culprit.

From ‘friendly’ neighbours to ‘close friends’, a recent survey by has found that 57 per cent of Britons have admitted to scratching the car of someone they know, be that a colleague, neighbour or acquaintance. The majority also added it was due to jealousy.

Josh Harper, of said: “What’s surprising is the number of people admitting to damaging a neighbour’s car. It seems people really do have less respect for one another, the whole “love thy neighbour” attitude truly is fading away.”

Matthew, co-founder of airport parking website, said: “Car parking bays are getting smaller and smaller so parking too closely can be an easy mistake to make. It’s concerning that 11 per cent of respondents have admitted to scratching a car due to this.”

And the next time you park your car at home, those twitching nets could quite possibly be your neighbour planning their next attack, fuelled by nothing more than what you have and they don’t; be that your shiny new car or even something as innocent as your well pruned roses.

Part of the survey is shown below:

Q1) Have you ever scratched a colleague’s vehicle?

57% Yes - Due to jealousy

11% Yes - They parked too closely

9% Yes - Due to other reasons

23% No

Q2) Have you ever scratched a neighbour’s vehicle?

47% Yes - Due to jealousy

11% Yes - Envious of their garden

15% Yes - Due to other reasons

17% Yes - They are making too much noise

10% No

Q3) Have you ever scratched a friend’s vehicle?

37% Yes - Due to jealousy

11% Yes - Due to a better career

20% Yes - Due to other reasons

12% Yes, due to relationship trouble

20% No

Q4) Have you ever scratched a random vehicle?

33% Yes - Jealous of the vehicle

11% Yes - Parking too closely to me

10% Yes, Due to other reasons

16% Yes, I disliked how the person looked

30% No