Swans cause road chaos

THERE’S a new twist to the “Why did the chicken cross the road” question at Upwell thanks to a family of swans.

DRIVERS are being warned to watch out for the nesting pair and their brood of cygnets, who have taken to jaywalking on the Sixteen Foot Road near Upwell.

The family have been causing problems for motorists forced to swerve to miss them as they meander from one side to the other at the bridge just outside of Upwell.

Carole Mansell, who travels the route to and from work, is worried there will be an accident after she narrowly missed colliding with a car coming in the opposite direction which had swerved to avoid the swans.

“For a while there was just one male swan wandering in the road but now there is a whole family. The problem is they have nested in the ditch on one side of the road and have to cross over to get to the main waterway.

“They just wander in the road and I’m worried they are going to get hurt or that they are going to cause an accident in which someone else is injured,” said Carole, who has contacted the police and the RSPCA to report her concerns.

“The police can only do something if the swans are blocking the road, and the RSPCA can only come out if the road is closed. But they have told me that even if they round the family up and move them somewhere safer they will return to where they have nested. I just thought if it was highlighted in the Citizen people will be aware of the problem and slow down,” she added.