Tasters don’t mince words

Mince Pie feature picture
Mince Pie feature picture
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CHRISTMAS is a time of traditions from what we do to what we eat.

And apart from roast turkey and all the trimmings there is nothing quite so traditional in the food department as a tasty mince pie.

Years ago housewives would spend hours creating home cooked fare to grace the festive tea table.

However, in these days of working mums time can be limited and so we turn to alternative places to get our tasty treats.

Every supermarket offers its own brand of mince pie, but the question is just which is the best?

We put a sample of six different brands - including some home baked by a member of staff’s mum - to the taste test asking visitors to our office to choose their favourite.

Those on offer were: Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Mr Kipling and Co-operative together with the home made version.

They were cut into bite size portions and placed on numbered plates with visitors to the office asked to vote using a slip provided.

The results were interesting with two types scooping well over three-quarters of the votes between them - and one brand getting no votes at all.

Each taster was also asked to vote for a second favourite.

Coming out on top was Aldi’s mince pies selling for just 99p for six and beating the home made pies by just one vote.

The second choice vote went to Mr Kipling selling at £1 for six.

Tesco, £1.50 for six, scooped more votes than Sainsbury’s selling at £1.65 for six (but on offer at £1 at the time of purchase).

Co-operative’s own brand, selling at £1.30 for six, scored no votes from tasters as a first choice option, but did pick-up one vote in the second choice poll.

Some of those tasting the pies did comment on the various offerings with the most positive comments being made about the pastry of the home made pies, which was rated as excellent - although tasters felt they could have done with slightly more filling.

Sainsbury’s were considered slightly ‘claggy’ in the mouth and some tasters said there was too much filling. The Co-operative pies were considered too rich by many, with the pastry putting tasters off.

Tesco and Mr Kipling both gained similar comments with tasting liking both fillings, but again it was down to the pastry when it came to voting.