Taxis and toilets council debate

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TAXIS and toilets were on the agenda at Wisbech Town Council on Monday evening.

Cllr Samantha Hoy, who is opposed to the closure of the public toilets in Wisbech Park, updated the council on a petition she has set up.

The petition has so far gained 266 signatures and Miss Hoy has been overwhelmed with the support from the public.

Fenland District Council are refurbishing one set of toilets in each of the market towns and the block on Church Terrace have been chosen for Wisbech. The remaining toilets will be closed.

Councillors believe Wisbech should have an additional block, particularly in the park as so many events take place there.

They voted to set up a meeting with FDC immediately to start negotiations for the town council to take over the park toilets.

The controversial issue of FDC’s plan to move the taxi rank in the Horsefair was also discussed.

The new scheme would see pedestrians having to cross a road to catch a taxi and has been met with opposition from town councillors.

Cllr Nick Meekins said: “It is ludicrous what Fenland are proposing.”

Gary Garford from FDC was at the meeting and said the plan would improve safety for taxi users, but this claim was rubbished by members.

Members voted for the rank to stay where it is, with David Oliver and Ray Griffin objecting. A “strongly worded letter” will also be sent to FDC.