Teenager turns Zombie

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FENLAND teenager Brendan Gifford had a taste of life as a film star when he gained a part as an extra in a new zombie movie.

Fifteen-year-old Brendan (right pictured in costume) from West Walton spotted an appeal for extras for the film entitled Cockneys V Zombies, which stars Michelle Ryan, Alan Ford and Honor Blackman on the internet.

He applied and was delighted to be chosen to play a zombie. His dad Rob Gifford (47) took Brendan, who attends the Springwood High School at King’s Lynn, to a secret location in London, where they were then taken by bus to the film set.

Once on set Rob was asked if he would like to join in the filming and father and son then spent two hours in costume and make-up being turned into zombies.

This was followed by an arduous four hours at ‘zombie-school’ where they were taught how to walk and act like zombies.

Lunch break saw Rob and some of the other zombies helping a local church group fill flower beds with compost, which Rob said was an amusing sight - zombies digging and pushing wheelbarrows around a church yard.

After lunch the real work began with Rob and Brendan filming alongside the other zombies in a fight.

Brendan said: “It was a really great opportunity and I had such a good time and so did Dad. But it is surprising how tiring being undead can be. I used muscles I didn’t know I had and I am still trying not to walk like a Zombie.”

The film is set for release on Valentine’s Day next year and Brendan, who is also a talented singer and his dad can’t wait to see the results of their hardwork.