Telephone scam warning

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POLICE are warning residents in Fenland to be on their guard against a telephone scam.

The warning comes through the Cambs police e-cops. Police say the scam involves the caller claiming to be from the local council and tells the homeowner they are entitled to a tax rebate of over £100.

The trickster then ask for your bank details so the rebate can be paid direct into your bank account.

Police are reminding people never to give bank details over the telephone unless you are sure the company you are dealing with is legitimate.

The council would not ask for your details over the telephone and any tax rebate information would be sent through the post from HMRC.

Police want to hear from anyone who has any further information about this scam to contact them on 0345 456 456 4 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111.

A spokesman for Fenland Council reiterated the police advice adding anyone who is in doubt about a caller claiming to be from the council should always call the council on 01354-654321 to check identity.

The spokesman said the council was aware of the scam which surfaced just before Christmas and it appears to be circulating again.

The spokesman assured: “We certainly are not employing any third party to deal with Council Tax refunds on our behalf. Anyone who gets a call should report it to the police.”