Tesco news is ‘shattering’ for Chatteris

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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We would like to bring it to the public’s notice that Job Search Chatteris, run totally by volunteers on a Monday between 9 and 1, at The King Edward Centre, Chatteris, have been waiting for the announcement from Tesco’s with regards to the local community and employment at their store.

All of us were extremely upset and distressed on behalf of our clients, who we have encouraged and supported in expectation of a ‘Local Store for Local People’ for employment.

Our project is of vital importance as the nearest Job Centre Plus is based in Ely and with minimal transport from this town the project supplies a much-needed base for locals to come along to and receive help and advice to try to achieve employment.

We offer a “Learn my Way” starter course for beginners in computing which is a pre- requisite for all unemployed persons to use a computer to search and report at times to their local Job Centre.

An Adult Careers Advisor is also on hand on an appointment system to advise, also to help prepare an up-to-date CV and covering letter.

All our volunteers help, listen and give their time in their quest to find employment to each client as required.

This decision by Tesco is a shattering and disheartening event for the local community of Chatteris.

Job Search

Cutting their losses?

I refer to your September 24 front page report.

A significant proportion of customers at Tesco’s March store work and/or live in Chatteris, hence I could never understand why the company considered having a presence in the town.

It seemed obvious to me that a large proportion of the new shop’s clientele would not be “new” but existing customers abstracted from the neighbouring four Tesco stores at Ely, March, Ramsey and Huntingdon, all of which are within 15-30 minutes’ driving time, and would merely reduce their income.

Perhaps Tesco’s executives have rather belatedly come to the same conclusion and decided to “cut their losses”?

Allan Sibley

High School Close,


Feel sorry for Tesco?

Prosaic prolix about the fate of Tesco’s top executives and worthless shares as well as the moth-balled Chatteris store.

I understand business rates will boost council receipts, but how many of the 250 jobs would have been transferred staff and would the locals be shelf-stackers?

I can’t help but feel I must be stupid or is this whole fiasco some form of Latin maxim like “res ipsa loquitur duped” – meaning that I should feel sorry for them?

Mark Burton



Huge thanks

On behalf of the Rotary Club of March may I say a huge thank you to the over 30 retail food establishments in town, who have so generously donated a prize of a meal for two or more people for “The Big Meal Raffle” in aid of Magpas.

In October, November and December we will be offering to the public the chance to participate in what we hope will be one of the largest fund raising projects ever in our community.

For only £1 you will be able to buy a ticket, the prizes being a meal at the participating hotels, takeaways, public houses and restaurants in town. Some prizes are valued at £50 or more.

All proceeds will be donated to Magpas, as it is felt the emergency medical service benefits the whole community.

Tickets will be on sale at these venues: Saturday, October 18, Tesco Store, Hostmoor Avenue; Saturday, November 15, Sainburys Store, Mill View March; Friday, November 21/ Saturday, November 22, Lidl, Dartford Road, March; Saturday, November 29, March Market Square; Sunday, December 7, March Christmas Fayre.

The raffle will be drawn at 3pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Godfrey Smith


Think again

I sincerely hope that Cambridgeshire County Council reconsiders its idea of closing Fenland rubbish tips.

If a charge is made for using tips that is far preferable to seeing rubbish strewn all over the countryside. Flytipping is assured if closure of the tips takes place and it will be a regrettable step.

Rubbish tips are a necessary commodity in our throw-away age and I might add that staff employed at the tips are most helpful to users. Let this vital service remain.

Trevor Bevis