Thanks after terrifying ordeal

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DISABLED dog owner Jean Bond has issued a major thank-you to the good ‘Samaritans’ who saved her and her pets from a potentially life-threatening incident.

Jean (61) was left badly shaken by the ordeal, which happened as she tried to leave a river-side car park after walking her beloved pets last Sunday.

One of her Staffie dogs - Harvey - accidentally knocked the handbrake off sending her Ford Minerva shooting forward so it was left hanging precariously nose first over the river at Morton’s Bank in Outwell.

“It was terrifying. The car was just hanging there and all I could see was the river below. I thought the car was going to tip over and fall into the water upside down.

“I couldn’t get the car to move back, and I was just waiting for it to go over. I started shouting and sounding my car horn hoping the people I had been talking to as I got in my car would hear me.

“But they had walked off along the river and obviously couldn’t hear and just kept walking. The dogs were barking and I was very frightened. Luckily a passing driver spotted me. She drove past but I could see she was looking and then she turned round and came back.

“Another car also pulled up at the same time and then another. The lady taxi driver was talking to me and reassuring me. The men from the other cars managed to push the car up and away from the bank,” said Jean, whose dogs Harvey and Nipper are well known as PAT dogs visiting people in hospitals and local residential homes.

“I was so badly shaken I didn’t get a chance to ask the people’s names. I know the taxi driver was with PJ Taxis, but I don’t know where she is from.

“I would really like to thank her and the other drivers for their help, I really think without them I could have ended up in the river and that is a terrifying thought,” said Jean, who suffers from sciatica and crumbling spine, which makes it difficult for her to get about.