The Ironsides are back to horse around at Cromwell Museum

CROMWELL’S formidable cavalry, know as the Ironsides, will be back in Huntingdon with their horses on Saturday, 13 August at a special free event.

Re-enactors will be demonstrating to visitors at the Cromwell Museum the equipment that would have been used by the mounted horsemen of the English Civil Wars.

“Cromwell made his reputation as a commander of a troop of horse, and his cavalry earned the name of the Ironsides,” said John Goldsmith the Curator of the Cambridgeshire County Council run museum. “His abilities as a horseman were instrumental in his military successes, and horses played a vital role in warfare right up until the end of the 19th century.”

Two riders and their mounts will be on show at the Museum from 10.30am onwards. They will explain their equipment and answer questions from visitors. The horses will be tethered by the entrance to the Museum on Grammar School Walk, off the corner of the Market Place.

The event complements the current exhibition at the Museum about the Battle of Naseby, fought in 1645, which ended the first phase of the civil war. The exhibition runs until the beginning of September.

Admission to the Museum and the event is free. For more information contact the Museum on 01480-375830.