The Peacock Butterfly: A roller-coaster tale of personal tragedy and triumph by JV Lamotte

The Peacock Butterfly will enthrall readers with its imagery, its quick pace of historical and vintage-contemporary fiction.

From New York City, to Boston, London, Paris, and the small towns of New Canaan, Connecticut, and Concord, Massachusetts the story traces the lives of three generations of the Hicks family of New Canaan, and the Meyers of Concord.

Although it is a deeply told American story that moves from World War II to the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 1980s it also highly features Norfolk and Norwich during World War II. We take part in the struggles of war, young love, a son trying to live up to his mother’s expectations, an interfaith marriage and the hollow feeling left behind by deceit.

“The Peacock Butterfly,” says first-time author J.V. Lamotte, who is in her 70s and lives in Cornwall: “Underscores the power of the human soul if it dares to dream. And if dreams don’t come true, heroine Nena Hicks instructs us to ‘make new ones’.”

The book transports readers across the globe, from bucolic America, to Europe and Germany’s concentration camps, to the “City of Light,” Paris.

The characters take readers on a roller-coaster ride through personal triumph and disaster with its fast-moving depictions of love, heartache, and deception, while entertaining with culinary delights, travel experiences and historical events.

“We’re all on a journey, even though we travel different roads, and our journey takes different turns. That’s a commonality that unites all of us,” explained the author. “The book is a way of expressing what for me are the personal and complex relationships that people have in their lives, and how they handle adversity.”

Lamotte’s novel is now available at, and on the Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Apple platforms.