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Reader says: 'I do not want to live in a multicultural,multi-speaking England'

Here is a letter from this week's Fenland Citizen...

Your correspondent claims that the Tories are scapegoating the illegal migrants by sending to them to Rwanda. He goes then to say that these illegal migrants are fleeing war, poverty, persecution and disasters.

There are none of these things in France, so the question is why do they want to risk their lives crossing the channel to come here?

More asylum seekers are brought into Dover Marina in a Border Force Search and Rescue boat. Picture Sam Lennon KMGroup (57291691)
More asylum seekers are brought into Dover Marina in a Border Force Search and Rescue boat. Picture Sam Lennon KMGroup (57291691)

He then says that this action by the Government divides working class people when they desperately want to be united and furthermore this is the result of years of Tory austerity.

But what is a true picture of these migrants? England is my home and you only enter my home by invitation. These illegal migrants have broken into my home and as such should be regarded as criminals.

Your correspondent says that when they do illegally enter England they are crammed into rotten accommodation and detention centres. What does he expect? Has he offered to accommodate any illegal migrant in his own home? When they enter France they receive nothing and must camp out until they get the boat to England. He continually portrays them as poor half starved homeless people. But they are not poor at all.

They are mainly middle class people with enough money to buy their way into this country. They pay thousands of pounds to come here. Where do they get these thousands of pounds to pay the smugglers?

Look at the clothes they wear, look at their physical condition. They are mainly strong fit young men who see England as the promised land where they can live on benefits and be homed at no charge to themselves.

His hatred for the English culture and support for this illegal immigration creates the very people smuggling millionaires he says he detests. An average boat consists of young able men with just a sprinkling of women and children for the sympathy vote. They guard their identity papers and mobile phones while in France but when they see the white cliffs of Dover, then they throw them overboard so their age, identity, and country of origin cannot be established.

Your correspondent champions the cause of these illegal rich migrants, but ignores those who do not have the means to buy their way here and must wait their turn to be interviewed.

So your correspondent supports illegal immigration and by doing so lines the pockets of the smugglers in human traffic and opposes meaningful Government action to stop it.

The people smugglers run a well organised business. Families in European countries club together to finance a family member to be smuggled here. When they are settled here then they can claim the human right to family life and can bring over the rest of the family.

In the last tragic sinking of a migrant boat, two of the occupants were sponsored family members. Both were young and fit .Their families said they had sponsored them so they could have a better life.

In the last 50 years the uncontrolled mass immigration into this country has altered our culture and society and we are nearing the point of no return.

The key that has achieved such success for the migrants is the word racist. Your correspondent uses it all the time. He knows the word cowes the average English person into silence. I do not want to live in a multicultural,multi-speaking England, I want England to be the country my family fought and died for in two world wars.

But your correspondent may end up a happy man. The Government watches which part of the country would be sympathetic to these illegals and with his welcoming attitude he may find the Government will place 1,500 young fit men to live in his area. I’m sure he would welcome them with open arms.

Steve Lund-Beck

via email

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