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They deliver fantastic care

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I wish to pass on my thanks for the fantastic care and treatment my wife received during the birth of our beautiful daughter on Sunday, September 6.

Due to a fairly speedy labour we required the help of a paramedic and ambulance crew in order to get her to hospital.

They were extremely calming in their professionalism.

A massive thank you is also required to all staff of the Central Delivery Suite and Castle Acre ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, at King’s Lynn.

Apart from our immense gratitude to all the people involved we wanted to write this letter as proof of the amazing work the NHS achieves.

In this day and age we too readily complain but never seem to say thank you.

We want people to realise the fantastic job these people do – day in, day out.

J Bagg,

details supplied.

heartfelt thanks

Samaritans praised

We would like to thank the people who helped us on Sunday afternoon, September 13, outside Tesco in March when my husband collapsed.

Our ex-post lady Floss and her friend immediately came over to help and phoned the ambulance.

They remained with us until the ambulance arrived and afterwards whilst my husband was being examined and even looked after our dog while I was in the ambulance with my husband.

Furthermore after the ambulance left they very kindly gave us a lift home.

I would also like to thank the Tesco staff and the paramedics who were extremely helpful and efficient.

After all the bad reports you hear these days it’s nice to write about some very good Samaritans.

John and I are very grateful to them all. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs J Ridout,

via email.

helpers saluted

Random act of kindness

May I through your Readers’ Views page send thanks to the lady and gentleman who assisted my husband last Tuesday when he was near the church on Main Road, Elm.

Your random act of kindness is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Name and address supplied

jeremy corbyn

Socialism on the agenda

It is vital that Jeremy Corbyn continues to put forward the policies which won him the Labour leadership election.

These include the re-nationalisation of rail and the energy companies, a £10 an hour minimum wage, free education, council house building, and the repeal of the anti-union laws.

The experience of Syriza in Greece, where the leadership of an anti-cuts party capitulated to the pressure of big business, shows defeating austerity requires a determined response with a clear goal.

To permanently end austerity requires a break with capitalism. That means calling for the nationalisation – under democratic working class control – of the major companies and banks, with compensation paid to shareholders only on the basis of proven need.

The most important single consequence of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory is that these issues, including what is socialism and how it can be achieved, are now being widely discussed.

A new generation is hearing socialist ideas for the first time. This is a great step forward which must now be built on. Socialism is back on the agenda.

John Smithee,


rail link

Spend money on roads

I agree with all that Trevor Bevis says with regards to the Wisbech to March rail link (Letters, September 2).

The cost will be millions, thus a train fare of £30-£40 just to go to March?

All that money would be better spent on pavements and roads.

In Wisbech you have to step on the road to get past what was Bliss.

And the same in West Street – or you could get drowned.

When are the owners of houses near The Outlet shop going to mend their gutters?

Wisbech resident,

details supplied.

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