Think bike

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POLICE are encouraging drivers to look out for motorcyclists as part of the ‘Think!’ campaign.

This weekend (April 21) officers will be out on the county’s roads in both marked and unmarked vehicles enforcing motorcyclist offences such as speeding and inconsiderate riding.

Officers will be giving advice to motorcyclists about staying safe on the roads such as choosing the right helmet, wearing the right gear, riding defensively and offering further training to improve performance and safety on the road.

Not only will motorcyclists be targeted, but drivers will also be urged to keep their distance, check for bikes when changing lanes, turning and passing.

Sergeant Chris Clare, running the operation, said: “As the weather improves many riders will begin to take to the roads and I’m hoping we can offer advice and enforce motorcycling offences.

“Motorcyclists make up only two per cent of road users in the county, but they make up 20 per cent of those killed or seriously injured.

“Road safety is vital as motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users.”