Think speeding

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More than 3,000 drivers were caught speeding during the ‘Think!’ January campaign.

Between January 1 and January 31, police issued 3,165 drivers with £60 fines for speeding.

Officers were out in both marked and unmarked vehicles enforcing motoring offences such as speeding as well as giving advice to motorists about staying safe on the roads during cold weather.

Officers issued 2,006 tickets for speeding in a 30mph zone, 123 tickets in a 40mph zone, 354 in a 50mph zone, 95 in a 60mph and 153 on a national speed limit roads and dual carriageway.

PC Steve Gedny, casualty reduction officer, said: “It is disappointing that there are still drivers out there who think they can speed.

“Excessive speeding and inappropriate speed are just some of the factors which can result in collisions, sometimes fatal.

“I’m saddened to see that so many irresponsible drivers are risking their lives and the lives of others.

“It is particularly concerning to see so many having a total disregard for other people’s safety in a 30mph area where children are likely to be.

“We will continue to work to make the county’s roads safer for everyone who uses them.”