Third gas leak in Wisbech

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THERE was more traffic chaos in Wisbech town centre this morning (Tuesday) as engineers were called out to repair yet another gas leak in the town.

National Grid was alerted Monday evening to a leak at the junction of Lynn Road and Chase Street and the road was closed.

It was still closed this morning and might be re-opened tomorrow. Morning work and school traffic had built up as drivers tried to find other routes around town.

This is the third gas leak in three days.

On Friday there was a leak in Regal Road after a vehicle went over a piece of equipment known as a gas convenor around lunch time.

Then, as this had just been repaired, a burst water main in nearby Weasenham Lane causing the road to lift and a medium pressure gas main to burst.

The Weasenham Lane gas main was repaired on Sunday but the road hasn’t been fully re-opened today (Tuesday) because of the water main work and repairs to the road surface.