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Time running out to upgrade

Philip Brookes advises on upgrading to Windows 10 in his latest blog in the Fenland Citizen
Philip Brookes advises on upgrading to Windows 10 in his latest blog in the Fenland Citizen

When Windows 10 launched last summer, it was offered as a free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 within one year of launch.

In case you thought Microsoft might extend the deadline to upgrade for free, they made it clear last week that that’s not going to happen. In fact, Microsoft finally confirmed how much it will cost to upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29, 2016 – £99 for a full version of Windows 10 Home and £130 for Windows 10 Pro.

If you have yet to upgrade, it’s actually been worth waiting for Microsoft to fix any glitches and to improve its operating systems. Since its launch I personally have found Windows 10 to be excellent and it’s only got better over the past year.

These are some of the reasons why:

Task View is now a permanent icon on the taskbar, next to the search bar. It displays all open apps, allowing you to switch between them with your mouse.

There are various subtle but helpful changes to the Taskbar:

Open apps have a coloured bar below them.

There’s a new calendar – click on the clock icon to view it.

You can minimise everything to get to the Desktop by clicking in the far right-hand corner of the taskbar.

For any updates that require your PC to reboot, Windows 10 allows you to schedule a specific time for it to do so.

Go to Settings in the Start menu, then Updates and Recovery > Windows Update. Click on Advanced Options and change the dropdown menu from Automatic (recommended) to “Notify to schedule restart”. Windows will now let you know when an automatic update requires a restart and ask you when you want to schedule the restart. You’ll see the option to select the time and day in Windows Update.

You can pin the programs and apps you regularly use directly to your taskbar to make it easier to access them. Search for the program through the Start menu, right-click it and then select “Pin to taskbar”. You can also drag the icon to change its position on the taskbar.

There’s still plenty of time to upgrade to Windows 10 for free but, once the deadline passes, you’ll either have to buy a licence or purchase a new PC with Windows 10 pre-installed.

Those who upgrade now will not only get lots of great features that will work as soon as you upgrade, you will also get all future updates for free.

This includes the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will be released this summer and will include a whole host of new features.

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